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Vegan cheese platter: this is how you make it epic

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vegan cheese platter kookexpert

CHEESE! I think I love it more now when I’m vegan then ever before. And that sounds crazy, I know, but it’s so nice to make cheese myself and to notice that storebought vegan cheese gets yummier and yummier. For a long time I’ve wanted to make a vegan cheese platter because they’re so pretty and photogenic and cool and it must be so nice to make one for a special occasion, like Christmas or NYE, or a vegan potluck. I always love fingerfood and diversity, dips, savoury and sweet together on a plate and loads of color in my meals. So a vegan cheese platter is perfect!

vegan cheese platter kookexpertvegan cheese platter kookexpert

Let me tell you about inspiration

Of course I went looking for inspiration for this, I love doing that. I can look on Pinterest for everything I need, really. When I needed inspiring photographs for an assignment for my study about windows, I made this moody board (and this and this were some of the many pictures I took after that). When I want to make something for dinner with a specific ingredient, I either check my ‘never not eating’ board or I just search. And when I feel like taking portraits, I check out this beautiful one. So when I needed inspiring images and yummy ingredients, I searched and I found these beautiful photos from @erinireland@elsas_wholesomelife en @stephanie.h.park – wooooow!

A few tips for an epic vegan cheese platter

  • Choose color.
  • Have different kinds of cheese – spread & dipcheese, but also slices for crackers.
  • Combine savoury and sweet.


vegan cheese platter kookexpert vegan cheese platter kookexpert

The things you need for something as awesome as this vegan cheese platter

But.. for a beautifully colourful vegan cheese platter I do need the right equipment. And since for a long time I’ve wanted a really big cutting board – I eat a lot of veggies so a big cutting board is way chiller to work with – I looked around on kookexpert.nl for beautiful products. There you can find everything you need for dinners and parties. I thought it was very hard to choose, and I am now super happy with what I got. I ordered this huge cutting board, some wine glasses (we really needed a new complete set) and a nice new sharp veggieknife and I am so happy with all of this! Also because in a few months, Lucas and I will be living together for real and we immediately have beautiful kitchenstuff.

vegan cheese platter kookexpert

What I use for my vegan cheese platter

Dips & cheeses

  • beethummus
  • vegan red paprika cream cheese
  • a homemade nutcheese with appel and cashews
  • vegan halloumi
  • vegan cheese with cranberries


  • vegetable chips
  • radishes
  • tomatoes
  • round crackers
  • breadsticks
  • avocado
  • carrots
  • olives


  • pure chocolate
  • figbread
  • red grapes
  • pomegranate
  • dried fruits
  • pear

vegan cheese platter kookexpert

Recipe easy vegan nutcheese with apple

From the book This Cheese is Nuts (which is AWESOME because I loooove cheese and it’s so cool to make it yourself) I got this super yummy nutcheese recipe which is super easy. And because you roast the cashews it becomes even more flavourful.

Roasted cashew apple spread, from the book This Cheese is Nuts

You need

  • 1 cup cashews
  • 1 cup dried apples
  • two cups packed spinach
  • pinch of salt
  • two tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • two tablespoons water

This is how you make it

  1. Roast the cashews in the oven for about 10 minutes (or until golden brown) on 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Soak the apples in hot water in the meantime.
  3. Place everything in the food processor and blend till you have a smooth spread.
  4. Enjoy!

vegan cheese platter kookexpert

And how do you make this vegan cheese platter?

This is the part that is most fun. Okay, eating is, I was even more looking forward to that. But dressing it up is also lovely to do. What I thought was handy to do was to start with the small bowls – usually these are used for the dips and that makes them important. Divide them well over the cutting board. And than you look at what fits, what is nice colourwise and if you spread savoury and sweet well.

You can check this short movie to see how I made it :).

Enjoy & happy lovely holidays!

This article has been created in collaboration with Etrias lifestyle stores.

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