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Queal Ready – two flavours of vegan instant oats

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queal ready vegan instant

Ah, remember those vegan meal shakes from Queal I wrote about, about a year ago? (here) I was so enthusiastic about them, since they’re nutritionally complete, vegan, healthy and tasty an just super easy to use. And well.. Queal has done it again: they’ve created something I was craving but couldn’t really get my hands on yet. Queal have asked me to try their latest product, Queal Ready, and of course I was thrilled to find out what it was and if I liked it as much as their shakes :).

queal ready vegan instant

Soooo.. what is it?

This time, it’s not a shake but something I secretly like even more: instant oats! I eat oats every morning in winter and usually I make it with, well, oats, kasha, chiaseeds, raisins, banana and plantbased milk. Its super yum and even though the kasha gives the oats a specific delicious and recognisable taste, I’d like to try some other flavours. Now, I’m not gonna experiment myself – I guess I’m a bit too lazy for that and also see no reason to mess with a recipe that works. So that this Queal meal comes in two different flavours, is something I really like :). The flavours are carrot cake and berry, by the way.

But there’s probably something similar already on the market..

Honestly, it’s actually a product I have been looking for in supermarkets :). Sometimes when I’m traveling, or when I’m staying at places where I don’t have my own cupboard with oats, raisins, kasha and all that, having an instant breakfast is super chill. And yes, there are similar products to be found in supermarkets. But, usually those instant petit dejeuners are loaded with sugar and/or are not vegan! There’s very often honey in them and, strangely enough, milkpowder. Also, a tub contains mostly oats and not so much other stuff that’s healthy for you or adds taste, which makes it kind of bland and boring.

Protein rich and tasty

Just like the Queal shakes, these instant oats contain only healthy ingredients. They are stuffed with plant-based protein (extracted from rice and peas) and essential vitamins and minerals. Basically they contain what you need to start your day in a fully nourished way :). I like to combine it with a coffee to go (obviously ;)) and maybe a banana on the side, which also perfectly fits the Carrot Break flavours. I mean, you can tweak the oats the way you want 🙂 but you’ll always have a perfect basis which is already substantial and yummy on its own.

Queal Ready, Carrot Break and Berry Good

Like I said, there are two flavours of Queal Ready: Carrot Break (carrot cake) and Berry Good (berry). They come in tubs (like the thing your vegan B&J icecream comes in as well) and are easy to use. Because essentially all you have to do is add boiled water! Let it sit for a few minutes while you prepare that coffee to go I was talking about earlier and than your oats are ready :). The alternative way to prepare Queal Ready is to add water and put it in the microwave for a few minutes, but I personally prefer the former.

Perfect for my Bratislava fieldtrip next month

I already know I’m gonna take some of those tubs with me on my trip to Slovakia next month, as to have something healthy, vegan and chill with me. Those days I will constantly be in between shooting a million photos, being lost in Petržalka or Kútiky and meetings with the teachers and my colleagues. Also I’ll probably safe one for my next trip to London for in the train, so I can munch whilst studying or reading. And chances are I’d like to eat it when I’m reeeaaally lazy at home and craving a berry oatmeal with a coffee on the side and some golden sunrays in my room.

Do you wanna try it out with a bit of discount?

I have an Instagram discount code 😀 which I find pretty cool. So head over to @omdatikdatwil and look for the pictures from this article, and you’ll find the code soon enough. And I really hope you’re gonna try it out if you’re curious, since it’s genuinely a super nice product that is so easy to use, healthy and complete in nutrition and yum.

And if your generally curious about Queal, check out their website queal.com and discover all of their easy, healthy meals. They produce bars, shakes, oats, and a whoooole section of vegan goodness.



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